"POWERSHIELD®Boosting output/reducing energy costs in the glass making process"

David Lemmings - Promat UK

"For many years Promat UK Ltd have provided unique solutions for the glass industry such as;
DALFRATEX®silica textile sealing systems - 98.6% silica textiles for rope seals in expansion joints, repair patching etc PROMALIGHT®micro and nano porous insulation media for back-up insulation applications within wall/hearth/roof construction And now POWERSHIELD®, a unique application for external sealing of regenerative burners from gas leakage giving improved through wall insulation in a seamless retro-fitted product which will immediately reduce thermal energy losses by up to 50%, reduce energy consumption by up to 15% and potentially provide up to 11% output increase, all within a system which can give an ROI within the first year and significant cost down over subsequent years, for the life of the furnace.