Cambridge Workshop Introduction - Ensuring Robust Glass Composition and Property Measurement

Paul A. Bingham
University of Sheffield

As noted in recent years by certain eminent glass scientists a potentially dangerous downward trend in the accuracy of published glass composition and property data is emerging. A number of causes exist for this trend and some of these will be presented in overview. However, the key issue which must be addressed is: how do we ensure robust glass composition and property measurement, or, to put it another way:

How do you know that your sample is what you think it is? Can you prove it? Have you measured it? How do you know that you can trust your measurements?

This introduction to the Workshop will present, through case studies, examples of why it is vitally important to know with accuracy what is in your samples and which properties they exhibit. An overview of some of the most widely used methods of obtaining such information will also be presented with emphasis on compositional analysis and the measurement of physical properties