Controlled depth surface abrasion using abrasive waterjet cutting

Dr. Vanessa Cutler, Swansea Metropolitan University

This paper sets out the initial tests looking at the parameters of machine to enable controlled detailed surface abrasion with particular reference to glass. The tests will look at abrasion of float glass (silica based) alongside that of a thicker casting glass that is applied within the specialized field of kiln-forming. The first part element is looking at establishing the parameters for controlled surface abrasion to create a decorative motif on the glass surface, allowing for single and multi directional milling. The next stages investigate deeper surface abrasion to allow for other water jet cut elements to be inserted to generate glass in glass parquetry that sit level to one another without additional techniques being applied. Other testing consisting of controlled depth milling allowing various thickness of glass material to be inserted into one another to allow for kiln formers/ glass artists to generate more complex internal forms within their work.