Using optical spectroscopy as a tool for glass analysis

J.M. Parker
University of Sheffield

This talk will cover the use of UV/Vis/IR spectroscopy for the analysis of dopants in glass. The techniques involved, the precautions needed for accurate results and the interpretation of spectra will all be covered.
Particular difficulties can arise if the glass quality is poor and so a significant part of the talk will consider glass melting techniques and how these can be optimised. This form of spectroscopy can be used to determine quantitative information on the species present in a glass, which can can be useful as an analytical tool and in examining redox behaviour. It also provides interesting structural information and is one important way for determining the optical basicity of a glass. These issues will be illustrated with a number of examples from oxide and fluoride glass chemistry. One particular example will look at an extended practical offered to our undergraduate students and will illustrate what can be derived from such an exercise.